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Kathi Apostolidis

President - Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELL.O.K. Vice President of ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition

Kathi Apostolidis
Kathi Apostolidis

Kathi is the Vice President of ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition/Belgium and the President of the Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELLOK/Greece.

The Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELL.O.K. ( is the cancer patient voice in Greece with its membership of 27 cancer patient organizations representing all cancers. ELL.O.K. is governed by an elected Board with cancer patient majority. ΕLLOK’s mission focuses on cancer policy advocacy and capacity building of its membership.

With over 400 members, ECPC ( is Europe’s largest umbrella of cancer patients’ associations, covering all 28 EU member states and many other European and non-European countries. Kathi represents ECPC at several EU high level organizations and Commission committees and working groups. She is a member of the European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control, of the Patients and Consumers Working Party at the EMA, the Patient Advocates Working Group of ESMO, the Steering Committee of HTAi’s Patients and Citizens Involvement Group. She participated as ECPC representative in Work Packages of the EU Joint Action on Cancer Control, and is a co-author of the CanCon policy paper “ Tackling Social Inequalities in Cancer Prevention and Control for the European Population”.

Kathi is a Public Affairs Consultant with extensive experience in regulatory affairs, marketing and communications. As a twice breast cancer survivor, Kathi was involved in breast cancer advocacy, since the mid 90s. She has served as Director in cancer patient organizations and introduced cancer policy advocacy in Greek cancer patient organizations, founding and leading standing committees on cancer patients health care & social benefits, cancer policy advocacy, HTA. As a founding member of the Organizing Committee of the patient advocacy conference ”Patients in Power “, she developed the scientific program of the first three venues from 2012 to 2014. Kathi is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Compassionate Health Care and a contributor to other and active in social media in health and cancer care.

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Palmer Stephen Palmer is a Professor and Deputy Director of TEEHTA. He has worked in economic evaluation for over 15 years in areas including pharmaceuticals, cardiology, cancer, mental health, diagnostic and screening programmes and policy. He has extensive experience of health economic evaluation, regulatory and reimbursement processes.

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