Francisco LOZANO

Francisco LOZANO

Chair of the Cancer Patients Europe (CPE)

Francisco represents in CPE the Alejandro Da Silva Foundation against Leukaemia, an organization that aids patients with haematological diseases in the Canary Islands. As a member of the Board and Chair of CPE, he leads the association democratically and collaboratively, working for the benefit of all cancer patients and their caregivers across Europe. He closely collaborates with the Secretariat and the other Board Members, aiming to enhance CPE's credibility and strengthen its ties with European institutions and other stakeholders. His ultimate goal is to co-create policies that promote prevention, high-quality cancer care, treatment, and survivorship in Europe.

A cancer survivor himself, he was diagnosed with leukaemia 15 years ago, ultimately making a full recovery after enduring a challenging blood marrow transplant and a year-long hospital stay. This personal journey aroused his passion for public health, specifically focusing on oral cancer prevention, tobacco control, and providing support to cancer patients.

Professionally, he is a specialized doctor in stomatology. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to public health, actively contributing to oral cancer early diagnosis and prevention campaigns. Notably, he collaborated with the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Dental Association, where he held the position of Secretary General.

His extensive experience extends to the European sphere, where he served as Vice President of the Council of European Dentists (CED) for three years and as President of the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) for seven years. As Chair of CPE, he is prepared to use his vast experience to build strong relationships with European institutions and stakeholders, all in pursuit of co-creating policies that advance cancer prevention, high-quality care, treatment, and survivorship throughout Europe.