Past President - Chair Scientific Committee - ECPC- European Cancer Patient Coalition Founding Member & Past President Hellenic Cancer Federation -ELLOK

Kathi is the Past President and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the ECPC, the European Cancer Patient Coalition, since June 2022, after having served as Vice President and President the last ten years. She joined ECPC in 2005 and has since then, actively collaborated with ECPC on several important policy dossiers, among them cancer patient rights, governance of patient organizations, before becoming an ECPC elections candidate. Kathi represents ECPC at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), at scientific societies, at expert groups of the EU Commission and other EU Institutions.

Kathi is a graduate of the Athens University with postgraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal Canada. She has a long career in Greece and Canada in Marketing & Business Development in the private sector with well-known international companies and in the diplomatic corps in Trade and Bilateral Commercial Affairs. She is a breast cancer survivor and cancer carer.

Kathi has been an active volunteer advocate for the rights of cancer patient and carers, since the mid-90s. She has established the first standing committee on cancer patient rights in Greece and she has been actively involved in cancer policy and research advocacy, both at the European and national level.

She is a founding member and the Past President of the Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELLOK, while she has also been Board Member and Chair of Standing Committees of Greek cancer patient organizations. Kathi was also instrumental in starting by ELLOK and chairing the All.Can Greece platform.

Her current interests focus on cancer policy, survivorship care and rehabilitation, cancer and ageing, cancer research policy and the socio-economic impact of cancer on patients and their families, while continuing to focus on precision oncology, hereditary cancer, AI and mobile digital technologies in cancer. Kathi has authored and co-authored a number of papers and chapters, published in major medical journals and books, and is a collaborator in European Commission research projects.