Scientific Director, HealThink

Πάνος Σταφυλάς

Panos Stafylas, MD, MSc, PhD

Panos Stafylas is the Scientific Director of HealThink with more than 15-years’ experience in Medicine, HTA and Digital Health. He has graduated from the Medical School of Thessaloniki (2000), specialised in Cardiology, got an MBA in Healthcare Management with a thesis in pharmacoeconomic modelling and PhD in novel cardiovascular risk factors. He has worked as a clinical cardiologist, HTA consultant, scientific coordinator of European digital health projects and tutor of HTA. From 2010 till 2016, he has worked as the Scientific Coordinator of 3 European digital health projects, coordinating successfully multinational and multidisciplinary teams of experts. He has also worked as Evaluation (HTA) Leader and as Task Leader for data analysis in two more European projects for ICT-enabled integrated care. He has been invited by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the OECD as an expert in HTA of complex interventions and integrated care. He co-founded HealThink in 2014 to offer HTA and R&D services to pharmaceutical companies, academic/research and other organisations. He has successfully coordinated tenths of HTA projects for more than 20 pharma/devices companies in the last five years. He has accumulated significant experience in the HTA and negotiation processes of innovative medicines, mainly in rare diseases, oncology, and haematology. Dr Stafylas has led HTA projects for gene therapies, CAR-T, and several ultra-orphan and orphan medicines, supporting company affiliates across the product life cycle. In parallel, he continues his academic activities as affiliated academic & research staff in three Greek Universities (Medical School of Thessaloniki, Medical School of Athens, and Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia), teaching HTA, pharmacoeconomics, modelling & simulation and clinical pharmacology in postgraduate programs. He is frequently invited to Greek and international congresses to present his experience or moderate relevant round tables.